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Maintaining Your Gas Lines

Our Role, Your Role

Mobile Gas maintains the pipelines that carry natural gas to your meter. However, if you are a property owner, property manager, tenant and/or occupant, you are responsible for maintaining all gas lines on your side of the meter. This includes piping from your gas meter to any appliances, from a curbside gas meter to your home or place of business, and underground piping from your meter to any buildings, pool or spa heaters, grills, or other outdoor equipment or appliances.

Why Maintenance is Important

Not maintaining gas pipelines can result in potential hazards due to leakage. To properly maintain your gas lines, you should have them periodically inspected to identify hazards, including metal pipe corrosion and leaks. Any unsafe conditions should be repaired immediately. A licensed, qualified professional can assist you in finding, inspecting, and repairing your buried gas lines.

Mobile Gas employees will need clear access to gas meters, so please keep them free and clear of shrubbery, other foliage, and foreign objects. This will provide the visibility needed to accurately read your meter and inspect it and the above ground piping for unsafe conditions.