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Hurricane Safety

In most cases, a hurricane is not a threat to your natural gas service because most gas piping is underground. However, uprooted trees can damage buried pipelines, creating hazardous situations.

If you think you have a leak or smell the characteristic “rotten egg” odor of natural gas before, during, or after a storm, do not operate light switches in the area where the odor is present or bring ignition sources into the area. Ignition sources include such things as vehicles, cell phones, open flames, battery operated equipment, or anything that can create a spark or flame. Immediately leave the area and call Mobile Gas at 251-476-2738 from a remote location or contact an emergency agency such as the fire or police department.

Before the Storm

If you live in a mobile or portable home, Mobile Gas recommends that you turn off your gas at the meter before the storm arrives. If you live in a traditional home, there is no need to turn off your gas. Doing so could result in unnecessary delays in having your service restored once the storm has passed.

Please call Mobile Gas at 251-476-2738 if you have turned off your gas service. After the storm, you can contact Mobile Gas when you are ready to have your gas service restored.

Mobile Gas may recommend additional safety precautions if low-lying areas are threatened with severe storm surge or excessive storm damage. Stay tuned to your local TV or radio stations for the latest information.

After the Storm

As soon as it is safe to do so, Mobile Gas representatives will be on the streets surveying the gas system for leaks and damages. Safety is our top priority. Once all unsafe conditions have been addressed, we will begin restoring gas service to any customers who have experienced service interruptions. Please be patient with us during this process. Depending on the number of customers affected, it could be several days before your service is restored.

Natural Gas Generators

Before You Buy a Generator

Natural gas generators are available in different sizes to meet your electrical needs. If you plan to install a generator, contact Mobile Gas at 251-476-8052 to ensure that the gas mains in your neighborhood can provide the gas pressures necessary for the proper operation of the generator and to verify that your existing gas service is large enough to handle the additional gas demand. After a hurricane or any other cause of electrical outage is not the time to find out that the available gas supply cannot support the operation of your generator.

Using Your Natural Gas Generator

After a storm, natural gas generators can provide reliable power to your home or business for as long as your electrical service is interrupted. When using a natural gas generator, be sure that the main electrical circuit breaker to your home or business is in the “OFF” position. This will prevent the energizing of any downed utility lines. The main circuit breaker is usually located where the power enters the building.

Be sure to have your generator serviced regularly by a licensed, qualified professional to ensure its safe operation.

Did you know, Mobile Gas sells and installs Natural Gas Generators? Call today to learn more! 251-450-4809.