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Natural Gas Safety

Staying Safe with Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the safest, cleanest and most reliable energy sources available. Every day we work hard to keep your pipelines and appliances safe. And as your natural gas provider, one of the most important parts of our commitment to safety is making sure you’re taking the right precautions with your service. Of all the precautions you can take, two stand out: recognizing the signs of a gas leak and calling before you dig.

Leaks: Knowing the Signs

Natural gas leaks are often accompanied by the smell of rotten eggs. So if you recognize this odor near your natural gas appliances or pipelines, it’s important to call us immediately so we can fix the problem. Hissing sounds or bubbling from the ground are also telltale signs that there could be a leak.

Smell gas? Call 251-476-2738.

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Digging Safely: Pick Up the Phone Before You Pick Up a Shovel

To prevent pipelines on your property from getting damaged, we ask that you call us before you dig – even if you’re planning a small home improvement project like installing a new mailbox or planting shrubs.

Digging soon?

Call 811 and we’ll come out to mark the location of your pipelines.

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