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Payment Assistance Programs

Special Arrangements

If you are having difficulty paying your gas bill, please call Mobile Gas at 251-476-8052 right away. In many cases, we will make special arrangements to establish a payment plan based on individual circumstances.

Third Party Referrals

Mobile Gas works with third party agencies to provide assistance with utility bill payments:

  • Salvation Army: 251-438-1625
  • Catholic Social Services: 251-434-1500
  • Mobile Community Action: 251-206-6117
  • Saint Stephens Society: 251-479-4827
  • Dept. Of Human Resource (DHR): 251-450-9100
  • American Red Cross: 251-438-2571
  • Dauphin Way Baptist Church: 251-342-3456
  • St. Mark United Methodist Church: 251-342-5861

SSI Recipients

Customers who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI payments or Aid to Dependent Children) and who qualify can have the customer charge waived from their monthly gas bill. A state agency will verify you as an SSI or ADC recipient. To receive the waiver of the monthly customer charge, please apply at either of the Mobile Gas office locations. The gas account must be in the name of the SSI or ADC recipient for the three most recent months.