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Rental Properties


It has never been more important for new and existing developments to stand out from the competition. From design elements to home efficiency, consumers are seeking the best value for the money. In the utility business, we’re seeing consumers place greater importance on reducing energy use and energy costs. In simple terms, consumers are looking for ways to keep utility bills under control.

We believe we have the right products to meet those expectations without reducing comfort or convenience in Multi Family Dwellings, products that will enable your development to stand-out from the competition when it comes to equipment performance, comfort in the apartment, and energy efficiency.

Landlord Assistance

The Landlord Assistance Program will transfer gas service into your name each time a tenant moves out of your property. This will allow you to avoid the $20.00 reconnection fee each time the account changes names and circumvent the hassle of being without gas service. Simply provide us a list of all your properties and we will set them up for automatic transfers. We are always looking for ways to better serve you.