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In the modern industrial world, efficiency, emissions and energy costs have become vastly important to owners and operators of manufacturing facilities. At Mobile Gas, we are proud to offer natural gas as a reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly energy source for your operation. It’s unparalleled advantage in operational efficiency, maintenance costs and reliability make natural gas the natural choice for powering our nation’s manufacturing base. From turbines and boilers to kilns and columns, we can help.

Call our Industrial Market Division at Mobile Gas with any questions you may have on our products and services.

Project Consultants

Sveta Few – Industrial Market Division
Office: 251-450-4727
Cell: 251-753-6904

Green Suttles – Industrial Market Division and Economic Development
Office: 251-450-4673
Cell: 251-288-0119

Sveta Few – Hospitals, Universities and Large Commercial
Office: 251-450-4727
Cell: 251-753-6904

Monica Garsed – Manager, Industrial and Business Development
Office: 251-450-4757