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Mobile Gas Receives Award For Safety Excellence

Posted March 23, 2016

safety awardMobile Gas Service Corporation received top honors for its 2015 excellent safety performance.  The Alabama Associated General Contractors of America – Mobile Section Safety Committee awarded the natural gas utility with the Safety Excellence Award during a ceremony on March 23, 2016.

The selection for the award was based on several factors which included Mobile Gas employees working 420,835 hours without no lost time in 2015.

“Safety has always been our number one priority,” said Chris Wiley, construction manager for Mobile Gas.  “Our goal is to make sure each employee gets the proper training to do their jobs effectively so they can all go home to their families at the end of the day.”

Mobile Gas has created a 24-hour safety culture and implemented an “All in for Safety” campaign.  It includes a safety program called “Circle of Safety.” The program consists of conducting a full walk-around along the perimeter of the vehicle prior to getting behind the wheel. Mobile Gas previously had a similar program in place, where an orange cone was left either in front or in back of parked vehicles. The “Circle of Safety” program now requires that cones be placed in both positions.

“The purpose of this safety best practice is to get employees into the habit of fully observing their surroundings before pulling away from the curb,” said Wiley. “We want them to be sure that there are no obstructions behind, in front of, under, over or on the sides of the vehicle that might obstruct the patch of travel and cause an incident.”

Mobile Gas holds company-wide safety meetings every quarter; safety training for employees is continuous throughout the year.


Pictured above (left to right): Ted Rehwinkle, EHS Specialist; Chris Wiley, Construction Manager; Tim Bray, Director of Customer Relations