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Employee Profile: Bill Gardner

Posted May 8, 2015

DSC00510Mobile Gas hasn’t gone into the match-making business, but it has created a perfect partnership between one of its employees and a well-known organization.

Six years ago, Bill Gardner, compliance manager for Mobile Gas, was chosen to be a company representative for the Mobile Area Council for the Boy Scouts of America. His one assignment was to attend the Golden Eagle dinner. He walked away with more than just a great meal.

“I already knew the mission of the Boy Scouts, but it was eye-opening to learn that the organization does so much more than handing out merit badges,” said Gardner. “The Boy Scouts provides programs that foster character development and value-based leadership training for the youth in our community.”

Gardner, who has worked for Mobile Gas for 36 years, still serves as the company representative for the Mobile Area Council for the Boy Scouts, but in a more substantial capacity. He now serves on the board of directors and has become an active volunteer. Gardner exemplifies Sempra U.S. Gas & Power’s core value of giving back to the community. And he thanks Mobile Gas for opening the door for this great opportunity.

“As individual contributors, each of us offer unique gifts that enhance community life and add a layer of support that only giving to others can provide,” said Gardner. “Mobile Gas lends a depth of resourcefulness through networking that accomplishes more together for the community they serve.”

Gardner takes time out of his busy schedule each month to help support the Mobile Area Council for the Boy Scouts.  In addition to his volunteerism, Mobile Gas contributes to the organization, which serves approximately 7,500 youth in southwest Alabama. The financial support is very much needed.

“In recent years, community funding sources for the Mobile Area Council for the Boy Scouts have changed,” said Gardner.  “Mobile Gas stepped up in a big way, along with other companies, to bridge this gap and to continue to provide funding for the Boy Scouts’ programs. I really appreciate the company allowing me to be involved with this very worthwhile endeavor through giving of my time and the company’s resources.”