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Three Mile Creek Open House Expo Highlights Restoration Efforts

Posted October 21, 2014
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MOBILE, Ala. – Mayor Sandy Stimpson announced today that he will join the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program and host the Three Mile Creek Open House Expo on Monday, October 27th from 5-7p.m. at the Dearborn YMCA (321 N. Warren St. Mobile, AL 36603).

The purpose of the Three Mile Creek Open House Expo is for groups and organizations to highlight their restoration efforts of the Three Mile Creek Watershed Management Plan.

As part of the Mayor’s ongoing efforts to clean up the City of Mobile and vital waterways like Three Mile Creek, Mayor Stimpson is asking citizens to participate in the Open House Expo and learn about the negative impacts of stormwater runoff including litter.

“As one of the rainiest cities in America, it is crucial that we have a well-developed plan to manage our storm water runoff, said Mayor Stimpson. “The City’s new stormwater plan coupled with the Three Mile Creek Watershed Management Plan will ensure Mobile’s waterways are protected for future generations.”

The purpose of this Watershed Management Plan (WMP) is to document the current state of water quality and ecological impairment. Objectives of this planning include:

  • Improve water quality
  • Provide access to resources
  • Protect and improve the health of fish and wildlife
  • Restore heritage and cultural connection between the watershed and community
  • Plan and prepare for climate resiliency

Three Mile Creek Open House Expo Participants:

  • Mobile Area Water and Sewer
  • Mobile Baykeeper
  • Mobile Bay NEP/Dewberry Group
  • Mobile County Health Department
  • Mobile Gas
  • Mobile Housing Board
  • City of Mobile
  • Keep Mobile Beautiful
  • MLK Redevelopment
  • State Port Authority
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • USA Hospital/Medical Center
  • University of South Alabama

Jena Longo Berson
Mayor’s Office
City of Mobile, AL